Caring For Your Vaporizer

When a vaporizer or any electronic item breaks down, customers often imagine that manufacturer error is to blame. They might have owned a device for 6 months and used it regularly before it finally stopped working. Design error or a mistake at the factory could definitely be to blame, but user error is also a possibility. In most cases, a low-tech solution will get a machine back up to working order or prevent it from breaking down in the first place.

Maintenance of Your Machine

It’s a small thing, but cleaning a vaporizer regularly will enhance performance and elongate the life of a device, especially a portable one. With e cigs, you’re only using liquid and most of the material evaporates away. Cleaning a tank or clearomizer is important, but coils are being replaced all the time so they do not become clogged. Numerous vaporizers use herbal material or wax and these can cause problems.

Build up of Dirt

Whatever is left behind and will not be vaporized out of a system is eventually going to sully the vapor pathway. Flavor will become stale and even sour because vapor continually picks up old residue from wax or herbs. You need to clean, but follow recommendations by manufacturers about how to do this safely without damaging special coating or breaking a glass path. Certain machines, like the Firefly 2, make the pathway fully accessible. In this case, the whole top part is removable. Cleaning the chamber is also important. With the Davinci Ascent, this simply swivels out so you can see and easily clean out residue.

Where visibility is problematic, special tools are included so you can reach in and brush out dry herbs after shaking away loose pieces. Obviously, careful use of moisture is important with battery-operated and mains-powered devices.

Most of the time, vapor is inhaled from a balloon or through a tube. One must clean out tubes with special brushes and following instructions carefully. Balloons are easy. Use them until vapor doesn’t taste very nice or the material breaks down.

When a screen becomes plugged, two things are happening. One is that hot air fails to get through and heat up materials. This is especially problematic with herbs as small pieces get caught in the tiny holes. Wax can also build up and block the holes on small screens.

The other problem is that a machine is getting hot but not releasing its heat in the right direction, so it is in danger of overheating. Replace or wash screens regularly. These are meant to keep a source of heat away from what you want to vaporize, but only in order to prevent combustion. Replace the screen so materials don’t catch fire.