Vaporizers And How They Function

A vaporizer literally heats up the moisture from herbs, oil, or wax in order to create water vapor. The most popular vaporizers use electricity or battery power to achieve this objective.

They range in size from smaller than personal inhaler to a table centerpiece. Sometimes, the result is combustion instead of vaporization, but selecting the right machine and using it correctly is essential.

Portable Vaporizers

With a battery that can be recharged in place or swapped for fresh energy, portable devices are the most convenient items. This group of machines usually relies on a method of heating known as conduction. Conduction heating is direct to a material. Convection is considered safer and more efficient because, instead of only heating-up what it touches, convection ovens heat around and through a material. They are especially good for herbs. With conduction heating, it’s possible to overheat dry plant materials and burn them.

Portables heat up fairly rapidly; usually within seconds or up to 2 minutes. Efficient power is worth waiting for and the convenience of mobile vaping cannot be surpassed. High-end machines feature temperature control. Many models allow one to use more than one material. The Davinci Ascent is a temperature-controlled model with a digital screen and a pivoting chamber. Load it with herbs or add a small dish and use wax.

Desktop Vaporizers

A tabletop model usually incorporates convection heating more easily than a portable because space is no issue. Designers were not trying to make a mod compact. Whereas one usually inhales directly via the portable mouthpiece, there are multiple modes of desktop delivery.

Some machines provide assisted delivery using a fan and a balloon. Straw or whip delivery is far more common. In order to inhale, one has to do the work unless a fan supplies partial assistance. Hands-free vaping fixes a straw in place, but you want to stir herbs so you heat them evenly.

Fan pumps were once noisy things, but they are now quieter and usually provide multiple speed options. An agile vaporizer if you like a balloon sometimes and a whip at other times is the Arizer Extreme Q. Select the whip and inhale directly or with a measure of assistance. Attach a balloon for fully assisted delivery. One can also attach a dish and vaporize aroma into the air.

Vapor Through Glass

The most popular vapor pathway is made from glass all the way. This is what the Davinci Ascent provides. Material vapor passes through is important because vapor picks up everything it comes into contact with. High heat releases fumes from certain materials which taint the flavor and affect the safety of what you are inhaling. Glass does not release fumes; it remains inert.